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Powered by Ford 5.0 Decals for Engine Covers 1/24 1/25 (white or black)

Choose from white, black or both.
Each color includes 4 Powered by Ford and 2 5.0 decals.
If you purchase both colors you'll get 2 sets of each.

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Additional details

- Parts are 3d printed in resin
- Some parts may come attached to the support tree
- Sprue cutters are recommended to detach parts
- Some pieces are delicate so take your time
- Any brand CA or super glue is recommended
- There are no assembly instructions. Please use the pictures for guidance.

Recommended decal application (if applicable):

- Cut each decal as close as possible to the letters
- Dip in warm water for 10-15 seconds
- Slide off paper and apply
- Setting solution encouraged.

Recommended cleanup process:

Click here> Recommended Prep