Removing Supports

All of our engines are shipped with parts still on the supports tree. Here is a tutorial that Roy Sorenson from Model Car Builder magazine wrote on FB. 

"De-Treeing your first 3D motor; 3D printing allows modelers to build things that they were never able to build before. But many of us can't afford to buy a 3D printer, or the learning curve is just too great. So many of us have turned to buying 3D parts. One of my favorite places to buy from is Iceman Collections. He's got a fantastic variety of motors. So I thought I'd throw together this quick how to on de-treeing your first 3D motor, and what to look out for..."

Many of the 3D printers are now delivering parts just as they came off the printer. These support rods are used to help support the part while it's being printed.

These rods are barely connected to the part and snap off fairly easy. But you do have to be careful with the smaller, more fragile details.
I like to start with the smallest most fragile part. Use your part cutters to cut the support rods at their BASE.

Once you have the part of the base you can finish trimming the support rods off the part. Might want to use a hobby knife for really fragile stuff like the fuel lines or throttle linkage.

The headers are actually pretty fragile as well. They have support rods under them you might not see, use your hobby knife to get under and cut them from the base.

 Here is the underside of the headers.

Bigger pieces can be just pulled off, twisting well snap a lot of the support rods.

But you have to be careful for fragile molded in details. Again, the pulley support rods were clearly visible (green arrow), but the ones for the pulley supports (red arrow) were not!

The support rods at the rear of the blower looks like a mess, but actually...

...when you pull them off it looks great! Some minor clean up and it's going to look sharp.


Down to the block. Don't rip it off yet!

There's molded in details at the front of the motor that need to be freed first!

Then you can just rip it off!

All the parts are free from the base and look fantastic!

Check out the molded in holes for both the spark plug wires (blue arrow) and the header tubes (red arrow). I will probably drill out the header tubes to make the walls of the tubing more to scale.
The big magneto has holes molded in it as well for spark plug wires (blue arrow), and check out the groves in the molded in pulleys (yellow arrows), all set up to run a belt on them.
Blower has these two support brackets for the pully system.
Love the detail on these carbs! Check out that molded in throttle linkage!
...and fuel lines on the other side!!!