Recommended Prep

These recommendations are for our resin parts only. We cannot guarantee they will work for parts purchased from other vendors.

- Wash all parts with water and liquid detergent (do not soak)
- We not recommend hand soap as some have been identified to have lotions in their ingredients and that will interact with primer and paint.
- Let air dry, away from direct sunlight
- Sand as preferred to remove layer lines and support bumps
- Fill pinholes as needed
- Repeat the wash process
- Primer is recommended
- Use your choice of paint

* If any parts are warped, the hot/cold water trick will help bend back to shape. Attempting to bend back into shape without warm-hot water may cause the parts to snap. 

* It’s rare but if parts feel tacky it’s ok. After washing, and only after completely dry, set in the sun for 5-7 minutes.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.