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Car Audio Components - Build Your Own Sound System 1/24 1/25

Car Audio Components - Build Your Own Sound System 1/24 1/25

Components are sold separately as listed below.

12 different items to choose from:
- Bandpass speaker box for 15s (1 box - 3 pieces)
- Bandpass speaker box for 12s (1 box - 3 pieces)
- Generic speaker box for 15s (1 box)
- Generic speaker box for 12s (1 box)
- 15" subwoofers (2 speakers)
- 12" subwoofers (2 speakers)
- 6x9 speakers (2 speakers)
- 6x9 speaker boxes (2 boxes)
- speaker pods (4 mirrored pods - 2 of each)
- Rockford Fosgate Punch IX amplifiers (3 amps + connector)
- Rockford Fosgate Punch HD amplifiers (3 amps)
- Orion amplifiers (3 amps + connector)

Clear acrylic cover for bandpass boxes should be trimmed to size. Remove protective film from both sides for crystal clear look.

Decal sets are now available (separate listing).

If you are not familiar with resin, please research before purchasing. These are not for beginners. As with all resin, this will need some work like sanding smooth, cleaning flash, evening out surfaces, filling pinholes, reshaping, and/or fabricating parts. With the heat that occurs during shipping, some parts may slightly warp. Be prepared to reshape using the hot/cold water method. Resin color may vary from pictures. Color may not match all parts. Assembly instructions are not included. Please use pictures for reference.

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Build your system

Additional details

- Parts are 3d printed in resin
- Some parts may come attached to the support tree
- Sprue cutters are recommended to detach parts
- Some pieces are delicate so take your time
- Any brand CA or super glue is recommended
- There are no assembly instructions. Please use the pictures for guidance.

Recommended cleanup process:

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Jordi Alvarez

Great quality and great detail


I love the product this my 8th purchase


These are super nice speakers and enclosures!!!


A 1 quality product


On point every trip I love the product