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17. Flame Mask for AMT 1949 - 50 Ford 1/24 1/25

17. Flame Mask for AMT 1949 - 50 Ford 1/24 1/25

"Quality vinyl mask for painting flames on your model car.

Specifically designed to give a full flame paint job on the AMT 1949 - 50 Ford. But feel free to use it on whatever you want! Includes roof and trunk flames. 

Our masks are completely weeded with application tape applied to make them as easy as possible to use. The mask can only be used once, on one model. Instructions are provided to assist in application.

No model is included.

Check out the tutorial here.

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Additional details

- Parts are 3d printed in resin
- Some parts may come attached to the support tree
- Sprue cutters are recommended to detach parts
- Some pieces are delicate so take your time
- Any brand CA or super glue is recommended
- There are no assembly instructions. Please use the pictures for guidance.

Recommended cleanup process:

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