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Photoetch Set for 70s - 80s Cadillac Kit

Exclusive for Iceman Collections by Detail Junkees.

Fits Revell kits and many resin & 3d printed kits.

- Cadillac logo wheel chips
- Cadillac logo steering wheel
- Nardi steering wheel
- Corrected Nardi steering wheel
- Pedals
- Stereo and LCD screen
- Under-dash switch plate
- AC cluster
- AC vents
- Door control panels
- Sun visors
- Cadillac license plate
- Iceman Collections license plate and frame
- Chrome badges (decals)

NOTE: There are 4 keys and a keychain on the bottom left of the set that may not be included in the set. Some didn't make it due to how small and fragile they are.  this does not affect any of the other pieces. 

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Additional details

- Parts are 3d printed in resin
- Some parts may come attached to the support tree
- Sprue cutters are recommended to detach parts
- Some pieces are delicate so take your time
- Any brand CA or super glue is recommended
- There are no assembly instructions. Please use the pictures for guidance.

Recommended decal application (if applicable):

- Cut each decal as close as possible to the letters
- Dip in warm water for 10-15 seconds
- Slide off paper and apply
- Setting solution encouraged.

Recommended cleanup process:

Click here> Recommended Prep