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1/25 1979 Ford Thunderbird T-Bird - ONLY AVAILABLE JAN 15 - JAN 23

Only available Jan 15th through Jan 23rd.

After this, we will not be making anymore. 

1/25 1979 Ford Thunderbird (Tbird)

- Body
- Interior Tub
- seats
- Dash
- Steering wheel
- Custom frame
- Front and Rear Suspensions
- Front and Rear Bumper
- Grille
- Headlight covers
- Vacuum-formed windshield and rear windows

Lowrider package (while supplies last) includes:
- Set of chrome 13" Truerays with resin 520 tires (by Lowrider Model Car Parts)
- Chain steering wheel (raw resin)
- Interior chandelier (translucent resin)

* Built kits are only for reference. Your parts will come in raw resin. Built kits includes different wheels from what comes in the lowrider package.

Ordering Information
This purchase is for the preorder of the kit. Depending on the number of orders for this and where you land on the list, it can take up to 45 days from the day of payment for this item to ship. We have a small batch ready to go but the rest still need to be made. Please understand that before purchasing.
If you are ordering additional items and want to get them before this is ready to ship, we recommend placing a separate order so we can fill that one separate. If you order everything together, the order will be shipped when all items are available.

If you are not familiar with resin, please research before purchasing. These are not for beginners. As with all resin, this will need some work, like sanding smooth, cleaning flash, evening out surfaces, filling pinholes, and/or fabricating parts.
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Additional details

- Parts are 3d printed in resin
- Some parts may come attached to the support tree
- Sprue cutters are recommended to detach parts
- Some pieces are delicate so take your time
- Any brand CA or super glue is recommended
- There are no assembly instructions. Please use the pictures for guidance.

Recommended decal application (if applicable):

- Cut each decal as close as possible to the letters
- Dip in warm water for 10-15 seconds
- Slide off paper and apply
- Setting solution encouraged.

Recommended cleanup process:

- Remove flash and/or supports
- Wash and rinse with degreaser soap and water
- Air dry away from direct sunlight
- DO NOT use hand soap that contains lotions
- DO NOT soak any of the parts